How can I manage my players in the players list?

In this tutorial will be explained how you can manage your players and the overview of the players list.

First of all we need to get to the players list by clicking on players in the left dashboard: 

Once we have clicked on the players button we will see the list of players:

The overview of the list can be adjusted to your own preference.  By clicking on the top row behind manage players. You can choose to only show online or offline players, only specific locations (if you have locations setup), only specific groups (if you have player groups setup) or only specific orientations (landscape vs. portrait). 

Furthermore you can choose to synchronize all players at once by clicking on synchronize all players:

If you have a lot of players which you want to synchronize all at once this button can be helpful.

Additionally in the players list you can easily see some basic information of the players like the Status (offline/online), Name, Model, MAC address and Orientation (landscape/portrait).

Still not sure how to manage your players in the players list? Don't worry. We made an video for you repeating all the above mentioned steps: