How to create a Player Group?

In this tutorial will be explained how to create, edit or erase a player group?

First of all we need to get to the players list by clicking on players in the left dashboard: 

On the top row the option Player groups will appear, please click on this:

A list will appear with all the player groups which are already setup (location is the default).

To add a new group, click on create player group:

This will bring you to the next screen where you can fill in the details:

Choose a name for the player group. Choose the single option (a player can only be assigned to one of the options) or choose the multiple option (a player can be assigned to more than one option at the same time) . Add or delete options in the group with the buttons in the options. Once you are finished click on the Next button: 

On the next page all you have to do is assign the players to the options you just created by clicking on , this will change the button to assigned: . Once you are finished all you have to do is click the Save button.

A confirmation will appear:


Now we will see in the list of the player groups the group we created:

If you want to edit this group click on , if you want to erase the group click on:



This was the tutorial on how to to create, edit or erase a player group. Still not sure how to create a player group. Watch our video tutorial: